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Milestone Cards | Sunset


Milestones are exciting and should be documented. This collection archives moments starting from birth through 18 years. Our unique cards make the perfect baby shower gift for the minimal and modern mom-to-be. Each milestone has space on the back to document all the memories that were captured for that specific milestone. This collection is ideal to use for documenting monthly and yearly milestone photos. Capture photos with each milestone to document their growing and changing smiles. Archive memories on the back of each card. Share this collection with them when they turn 18 and look back on all the memories you've made together. This collection includes: - Birth Announcement (with space for stats and footprint) - One Week - Months 1-11 - Years 1-18 - List of Significant Milestones Cards are 4" x 6" each. Decks come wrapped in plastic. Each deck is packaged and prayed over by another mom prior to shipment.